LMB is an abbreviation, that is becoming more and more common on chatrooms, short for Lick My Balls.
Andrew, you can LMB.
or, Andrew, LMB!
by 1337 Gangsta September 23, 2004
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Lick my balls. More commonly said in IM and chat. Similar to SMD, but a little bit farther down. :/
(2:15)Joe: Your moms vag smells like fish, dude.
(2:16)Fred: Lmb -.-
by Nobodyaskedu September 5, 2010
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A particularly UK version of the lick my balls phenomenon.
In this case though, the letter B actually stands for bumhole. This is a particularly good little acronym to write across important documents in the workplace
Excuse me Dave!
Yes Sefton, what the devil is it?
I was wondering, if you could LMB?
by Pobwall December 2, 2007
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Me: "Hey punk, LMB!"
Punk: "LMB?!?"
Me: "Yeah, lick my balls!"
by Eric Jones January 11, 2007
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Hey Tom....... LMB!!
by Unkowe Dan September 9, 2010
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Loyalty made brothers” The name & label of a music artist trio.
by LMB.ent May 4, 2021
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