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Not a jukebox, not karaoke, real musicians actually singing music and playing instruments. LIVE MUSIC includes acts such as solos, duos, trios and full bands. The worst part of playing LIVE MUSIC is the loading in and loading out of the equipment - oh and even worse, when venues try to get an artist or band to play FREE for the EXPOSURE. Real musicians who play LIVE MUSIC never agree to do that. There are 3 components to LIVE MUSIC: SINGING, PLAYING and ENTERTAINING. Some musicians can do one or even two of these well. The musicians who can do all three are the ones who are consistently booked. Everyone should get out and support their LOCAL LIVE MUSIC VENUES and MUSICIANS.
I don't want to listen to a jukebox, I want to hear some LIVE MUSIC.
by WGO Live Music Promotion December 20, 2016
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