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'''Lime Dime Frime Smuff'''

== Origins ==

This band originated in the ghettos of Northern Virginia, specifically, Mr. Lewocz's physics class at Annandale High School. LDFS was created by it's four members, who are talented musicians, and have the know-how to also start up a band. No, LDFS is not a garage band. LDFS does not even own a garage. LDFS is a worldwide sensation.

== Members and Bios ==

'''Laith A''' Lead guitarist, and back up vocals. Laith, the President of the Class of 2008 at Annandale High School, formed the National Archive of Armadillos in Central Pvirgina, better known as NAACP. Interests include: Pie, hot dogs, funny movies, cock-diesel humidifiers, and Allen Iverson.

'''Willie L''' Drummer and back up vocals. Willie is a leading member of the Coalition to Stop the Control of Imps in the Side Roads of Little River Turnpike. Interests include: Guitar Hero, exfoliating rubs, sports, and stuff.

'''Jose M''' Lead Bass Guitar. Jose is also known as Jose, the Jalepeno on a Steek. Also one of the founding fathers of the National Bean Baking Industry. This is due to the fact that Jose, a Salvadorian, eats many beans. Interests include: Beans, Steeks, and bean-like accessories.

'''Stuart R.''' Lead Vocalist and backup guitarist. He is involved in all afore-mentioned associations, and in addition, pushed for the establishing the current rights for all Left Handed Kickers. Without Stuart, the Left Handed Kickers would be tortured on a daily basis. They have a lot to thank him for. Interest include: Guitar Hero, Super Nintendo, Becca, Kicking, and tapping his hands on the sidelines of AHS football games.

== Genre ==

LDFS is a very well rounded band. They perform live almost any song ever created. From Rock to Rap, Hendrix to Bach, Pink Floyd to Tha Outlawz, they tear that shi** up on stage.

== Notoriety ==

Since the beggining of LDFS's existance, the divorce rate has sky rocketed. For some reasons, all women seem to want to be a part of the elite group, the LDFS Groupies. These groupies are so famous, they even have their own groupies. Most famous groupies include: Katie W, Tammy P, Kat R, and Joe Theismann. These divorces are usually spurred by the undeniable phenomenon of women taking their shirts off and throwing them at the Band members. Not only does this happen at concerts, but even while ladies listen to us on the radio. Many a car crash has occured. ''Many'' a car crash.

== Fan Base ==

What sets LDFS apart from other bands is their wide fan base. From 87 year old war veterans (Mr. Tatum) to 4 year old girls (Jill), LDFS seems to be popular to the entire population. According to their Master of Ceremonies, Derric F, "LDFS is like magic. If you're alive, you're a fan. I have a dead great-great-aunt who I can swear comes to me in dreams applauding them, and taking off her bra."

== Concerts ==

To book LDFS to come to a stage near you, please contact Derric F. His phone number consists of anything you want it to be. All you have to do is think about LDFS, and we'll be there. It's because he scopes people, that's all. He's even ''scopin meeee.''
LDFS rocked out last night so I took off my top and ran through the streets of LA on bail.

Crack sales got me living well, but not LDFS, cause they're monetary contributions by adoring fans got them living well.
by Lime, Dime, Frime, Smuff. November 02, 2007
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Long Day Fanny.
When youโ€™ve had a long day, rushing around in a pair of nylon tights and you should probably have a wash before introducing your vagina to any potential suitors. #stinky
Not going back there mate, serious case of LDF.
by Gbix November 09, 2018
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Loyal Dirty Fan, somebody who adores a person in a loyal, dirty, naughty way.
She's always looking at naked pictures of him, she's such a LDF!
by Soof February 26, 2008
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Long Distance Flirts/ing. When you're not officially a couple but acts as if you are, in a long distance set up.
Henry has a girlfriend. Jane has a boyfriend. Henry and Jane like each other. They're 1905 miles apart and chat everyday. They're LDFs.
by akichua March 17, 2017
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Long Distance Friendships / Friends
Person 1: You live so far away

Person 2 : we will meet soon

Person 1: we are LDF goals
by Rhonda003 October 14, 2017
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The weird person that runs around screaming the Trogdor Song.
LDF, you're such an idiot.
by LDF! August 23, 2003
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