Definition is : Lion Cub in Arabic. How do you say lion cub in Arabic is Laith. It’s a popular name in the Middle East.
I went to the zoo and saw a Laith.

My friend Laith is a funny guy.
by Kindguy March 19, 2018
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Laith is truly amazing, he is the light of your life, if you know a Laith you are very lucky. Laith is an Arabic name that means Lion Cub. He is Smart very sexy and hot, good at stuff and most of all he is kind, gentle and considerate. Laith is a PlayStation player. If he has a crush on you, you a are a lucky girl. He is cute and has an active imagination. He is very Fit and sexy. You always want to be with him and live as much lives as you can with him
Laith is (Amazing)
by LeoT88 August 7, 2019
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Laith.. how can i put this, laith is one of those guys that is friends with everyone.. he mozies around place to place saying hello to everyone... he was, however, a late bloomer when it comes to girls.. but everyone forgives him. His incredible charms and good looks make up for it
yeah.. that guys really hot and nice and everything.. but idunno, i guess you could say hes a LAITH.
by Jenna April 14, 2005
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a young lion, sometimes referred to as simba... do not let the literal meaning of the name fool you, he is referred to as mufassa in the sack or when he plays soccer. he is a person with no flaws that can be admired in every way possible. he often makes one's day, and why stop there?.. he even improves one's week, month, year, and life! he is known to cause severe addiction and is extremely missed when not around. he is rarely seen without his female sidekick.
I really like this one guy. To sum him up in one word, he's a Laith.
by bnwatson April 7, 2009
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Laith is an Arabic boy name. It means a lion. If you come across a laith then behold as you are in luck. He is a blessing to this earth and to any girl he falls in love with. He is utmost caring and puts the ones he cares about before himself. He has a deep love for kurdish girls and has a knack for falling for one. If he falls in love with you then expect to never be let down in bed, for he has a significantly bigger penis than most his age and a sex drive and stamina of a stallion. He’s a sucker for intimacy and loves to show off his significant other. He can easily manipulate his voice to get what he wants and is usually known for having a deeper more monotone voice. He’s good fun to be around and be will easily turn frowns upside down. Beware though, once laith sets his mind on something nothing can stop him as u will hurt. His favourite quote is “I will protect those who are behind me, support those who are beside me and destroy those who stand before me”
by Truespeaks September 4, 2018
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Giant big and chunky very long and hot he licks the vagina hard.
Laith is Chunky and Long
by East Penn is God 2 May 6, 2019
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