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This female is known to be deceptive, cunning, and backstabbing, while having the unwavering urge to fulfill sexual fantasies without regard for any destruction or pain this may cause others. This female will go to great lengths to mask and keep her liaisons' private thus reaffirming the acronym even more. Be very wary when encountering this female as they come in many shapes and sizes, their greatest asset is the ability to blend in and deceive unsuspecting males into their web of lies, deception, and pain. As of now the only way to truly discover an LCW is to catch them in the act, but hopefully one day legislation will be passed to make it mandatory for these females to be branded with the "LCW" stamp across their forehead. Thus exposing them to the ridicule of society as they rightfully should be. But until that becomes a reality, stay cautious when out at bars, clubs, parties and other social gatherings where the LCW is known to regularly hang out. Also: College campuses are a breeding ground for this type of female so be extra cautious when around 18-24 year old females as most if not all probably have some affiliation with an LCW. And one final thing, once an LCW ALWAYS an LCW so guys don't think just because she says she's changed that she has (that's the trick of the LCW!). They care about no one but themselves and are to caught up in their own egotistical, narcissistic self to feel any bit of remorse or empathy for anyone else!
My ex girlfriend told me she was out with her girlfriends one night having a girls night. I went out with my friends to a bar and low and behold she was at the bar hanging on some other guy. I didn't confront her at first and watched as she left the bar with this guy- leaving all her friends still at the bar. I confronted her the next day and she vehemently denied it. Then her friend sold her out and showed me pictures of her and this guy engaging in "adult affairs". Even with solid evidence she still tried to spin it off as being my fault- typical LCW behavior.
by Rybread34 October 22, 2010
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Acronym for Lying, Cheating, Whore. A LCW is any girl that lies, cheats and is overall a dirty whore. A girl can't be one without the other. ex) If she cheats, then she is a liar, as well as a whore.
I caught Satan doing shady shit. She's a lcw
by donsalieu April 20, 2010
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