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An Asian American, typically from Los Angeles or other large cities on the West Coast. Their style is a blend between street gang and skater. LAsians wear slightly tilted to the side baseball caps without curving the bill, oversized designer sunglasses, and sleeveless basketball jerseys even if they have no muscles. In their minds they are a player, in your mind they are a gigantic douche. You will find these types everywhere on the west coast. They are exceptionally bold in their Mecca, Las Vegas, where they constantly brag about their access to the hottest clubs on Facebook well into their 30 and 40s. There is a high probability that they are night club promoters and fill their photo albums with pictures with women who they never had a chance to sleep with.
Look at that LAsian and his Hyundai, must be on his way to their Mecca, Vegas...
by Vegas Insider January 23, 2013
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noun. a lesbian of asian descent, esp is situations where membership in multiple minority groups would provide a distinct advantage, ie, the admissions office of a small liberal arts college in the american northeast.

lasian was first used in the show "Pork Fried Clowns," as performed by the Improv Asylum, Boston, MA, in the spring of 2005.
The only way Smith love you more is if you lesbian asian, if you some kind of lasian.
by Improv Asylum June 21, 2005
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"I saw a lasian today."

"Lasians are terrible drivers."

"That lasian smells like ginger and garlic."
by JLow October 28, 2012
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