Liquor Store
Canadian origin - especially Ontario and Nova Scotia where government run liquor retailers are called the L.C.B.O (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) and N.S.L.C (Nova Scotia Liquor Commission) respectively.
Let's hit the LC - we can pick up a Scarborough Suitcase on the way to the Bush Party

Found in the Sloan song Underwhelmed -
She is obviously a person with a cause
I told her that I don't smoke or drink
She told me to loosen up on her way to the L.C.
by Andre Molnar April 28, 2004
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Little Children. Little Child. Often referring to hanging with kids younger than yourself.
Abby, you are total L.C. in that dress!
by WifeyXOXO March 25, 2010
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The definition of lc is when someone has a little crush. For example you name them lc that means you have a little crush on them
Hey look I have a L.C on them.
by Gucci_is_gucci July 12, 2018
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L.C, the crew otherwise known as "Los Communistas", which in spanish means The Communistas. Consists of three members, which ride or die for each other. These boys are extremely awesome and well-endowed (especially pepe).

When bored they film and edit their own short movies which can be seen on myspace and youtube.

Always down for a party and live by their motto; <b>"The Few & The Proud, The L.C</b>

I want to have sex with all the L.C!
by Pepito Pingon March 17, 2007
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Les Check - common snack check amongst people in Vancouver
*walking down snack aisle* see 1,000,000 new snacks. Asks friends "yo is it kills" friend replies L.C - L.C says "it's kills"
by fighterchicken March 18, 2021
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