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Kyli's are a very nice, down to Earth, caring people. They are also very athletic and great at everything they do. They don't fall in love easily, because they r afraid of getting hurt. But they like to take relationships slow. But when you are in a relationship with a Kyli she will never let u down. Same for her friends she has the greatest best friends and is very protective over her friends and will stick up for them no matter what. Kyli's are very outgoing and love to do adventurous/risky stuff even if that means getting in trouble. Kyli's are always down to do crazy stuff, and r always looking for a fun time. A lot of people like Kyli and think highly of her. She is extremely popular. And all the boys like her. They think she is super hot and love her personality, that she is a gorgeous girl. Kyli puts a big smile on her face to make others happy but really she is very upset and stressed out about people in her life. She is also very honest and will tell people what's up, but make sure not to mess with her she is very strong, smart, and once u betray her or loose her trust don't even try to gain it back. So if u date a Kyli be sure to hold on to her she is very special, and is very honest and u can trust her with anything which is key to a relationship. She is also a great best friend and may not always show it but deep down she really does care about all of her good friends. And makes time for her best friends when they need her.
Wow that girl is so nice and caring, that's a kyli
by Camiiiii June 01, 2017
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The coolest person you'll ever meet. She's pretty awesome. She's happy most of the time. Can get super hyper. She has the most coolest friends everrrr! She loves you...... tube.
"Omg, do you know that girl Kyli?"
"Oooh.. You mean the coolest person everrr?"
by Ky_Lan September 04, 2011
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describes a random person who steals your french fries. no matter where you are, if you buy french fries a kyli will surely find you and grab a few fries on the way by.
guy 1) hey dude what happened to your fries!!
guy 2)crap a stupid kyli must have grabbed them while i wasnt looking!
by Substitute Shinigami March 16, 2009
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