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1. the opposite of cached (also cashed) or ashed. If a bowl is kushed, then it is still green and full of smokable marijuana. (see also: greens)
2. Analogous to definition 1, kushed can be used to describe anything that is fresh, still usable, or potentially awesome.
smoker 1: "Is that bowl cached?"
smoker 2: "nah man... it's kushed"

person 1: "Dude, I think we should just head home."
person 2: "No! The night is still kushed, it's only 10:00!"
by mr.rogersandme March 08, 2009
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really high on any drug (especially weed). Used in various rap songs.
"Dude, I'm kushed out my mind, I don't even know where we are."
by smokepark March 03, 2009
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Kushed can be used to define getting robbed or to get something stolen from you. It can also be used when you lend money to someone and they don’t run it back.
“I lent 15 dollars to John last week and he’s been ducking me all week”

“Bro u got kushed
by TherealG yerr May 12, 2019
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