The best thing that has ever happened to the universe.
"Dude, this is the most awesome thing ever!"
"Is it Kuno?"
"Then you're wrong and you deserved to be bitch slapped for not realizing that the most awesome thing ever is Kuno."
by King of T-Rex December 8, 2008
He's the type of person you only meet once in your life. From the outside he is unpredictable and when you talk to him he is one of the nicest people in the world who would never do anything bad to anyone. He stays in your mind forever and triggers envy in you. He is something special and he knows it, he just doesn't try to prove it.
I wonder if Kuno feels the same way about me as I do about him.
by Mae$ November 21, 2021
someone Kuno is someone helpful lovely and he can be loved by everybody
-Do you Fedi ?

-Of course he's so Kuno !
- Oh yeah ...
by AKA Khaskhoussi May 3, 2021
male or female genitals, can be said in a place that you dont want people to know what your talking about, or, in front of people that are to young or old to hear the correct names.
oh, wow... look at your kuno!
dont touch my kuno!!
by kelly R August 16, 2006