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A fabled substance produced by the vagina which resembles ungrated Parmesan cheese and smells and tastes like cauliflower. It is frequently sold on the black market and celebrities who wish to make some extra cash have been known to sell their kunk to the kunk connoisseurs of the world. The Queen of England has the most valuable kunk worldwide but she will not sell her kunk. People enjoy kunk on a variety of foods including kunk on toast, kunky fries, macaroni and kunk, and the all time favorite, kunk burgers. Kunk can also be used as a hair mask, for damaged locks.
EW I hooked up with that girl last night, stay away man, she has rotten kunk.

mmm...try my banana kunk milkshake!
by Jesuslovesme 6969 May 11, 2008
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a)A male person with femme girly habits.
This person also possesses a very low IQ, no artistic skills ( or any skills for that matter) and generally very detestable.

b)The act of being utterly retarded, making no sense and thinking you know better , even when proven wrong.
A/B) Dude, stop being/acting like a fucking Kunk.
by Catgirlz February 12, 2007
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Kunk: Basically its everything awesome and good mixed up into one wicked word.

Originating from the episode of Monster Factory called Toddisms
That party last night was so kunk!
by Tim Panic November 18, 2010
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The event in which a womens hair get wrapped around a mans penis while having sexual intercourse.
AHH darn it ! we got kunked !
by mcddirtywordsinc. February 10, 2011
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a smarter more intellectual way of calling someone a tool, or douchebag who has a shit eating grin on his face at all times.

combination of the deragotory words cunt, fuckhead, cumguzzler, cock and asshole.
by john ralley December 05, 2010
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