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Also known as the hole-in-the-ground prison Bayne grew up in. A place seagulls fly to when theyre ready to die. equivilent to the elephant graveyard from the lion king. Children who grow up here are 90 percent more likley to start smoking crack before age 10 than in any other part of north america.
"Dude i have the crustiest lungs."
"shitty dude, why is that?"
"i just spent the weekend in kuna. I made out with one of the girls.."
"oh shit man, whatd she have..?"
"thats what you get for going to kuna."
by GeneralCrustyLungsKfed December 19, 2012
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Abbreviated slang for Hakuna Matata; a Swahili phrase that is translated as "There are no worries". Also: "no worries", "no problem". The use of 'Kuna started in the San Fernando Valley, California.
-Hey man, how you doing?
-'Kuna, dude. I'm real 'Kuna.
by LusciousM February 22, 2009
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bro 1~ dude, this new facebook is so not kunas

bro 2~ dude, i know, the old one was so kunas
by kunasbro333 December 13, 2010
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