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Super fly, cute, always ready for a good time !
Perfect example of a guy who's nice smart, funny, beautiful on the inside, never predicable. Kumail is normally associated with beautiful people and has a great personality.
"Bro i wish i could be more like Kumail"
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Kumail, Arabic for perfect. So sexy and has a great personality inside and outside. Charismatic and enthusiastic. All the ladies are after him. Incredibly good at football. Has a big bulge also. Very good at academic studies.
Bro, I wish I could be as smart as Kumail

Why is that bitch touching Kumail, he's mine!
by Melvin_89 November 02, 2017
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Kumails are that one friend that you couldn't trust with the most simple things like getting your pen from downstairs. There typically the guys who say "oh yea it wont work" and at first you give him the benefit of the doubt but eventually you realise its just a automated response when you ask for the answer to a math question. To counter this however it is advised you ask the most responsible person in your class which is 10cm away from you.
by TVV. MEME DEV February 25, 2019
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A person who wasn’t supposed to be born in this era, specifically in the 70’s. A little bit fobby, yet is always listening to classic rock. Favorite catch phrase: “TIME TO LOSE IT”.
Kumail: Ok i’m gonna step out real quick.
Significant other:Where you going hun?
by FRAND3314 June 11, 2018
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