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Used as a replacement for the word "cool" which also means the following;

1. awesome
2. popular; like in a social hierarchy
3. used when a conversation goes silent
4. nice
5. wicked (new england style, NOT evil= wicked)
6. good or great
7. not warm, but not cold
8. okay with each other, not mean to each other, but not necessarily nice, just not mean

1. That new motorbike is kuel.
2. That kid is really kuel.
3. SILENCE..........That's kuel.
4. He gave me his lunch when i forgot mine; he's really kuel.
6. A. You were kuel in Halo 3.
6. b. That sandwich looks kuel.
7. My ice-cream is kuel.
8. After the arguement, Leizar asked Battie, "We Kuel?", and Battie Replied, "Ya, we kuel!"
1.Datakan Says: Meike you destroyed that noob, that was really kuel! Meike Replied: Yeah man that was kuel as.
by John Battam November 04, 2007
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