Literally just homework spelled backwards, it has no definition other than the fact that its homework spelled backwards
1: Did you hear that krowemoh is homework spelled backwards, and it means child abuse in latin?

2: Bruh thats not even a word lmao
by Supreme Doggo January 15, 2021
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It is "Homework" spelled backward. At the beginning of 2021, a rumor circulated that it translated to "Child abuse" in Latin. There is no evidence that points to this rumor being true. It seems the rumor was started as a joke but was then spread to people who thought it was telling the truth
Person A: Hey, I saw this Instagram post saying that Krowemoh means child abuse in Latin
Person b: Um, actually, it doesn't, it started as a joke, and then people shared it thinking it is real.
by IsaacBell March 23, 2021
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krowemoh is simply "homework" spelled backwards
yooooooo imma go do my krowemoh
by sulphursea November 15, 2020
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Krowemoh is homework but spelled backwards. In Latin, it is a plausible word translating to child abuse. See example for more credibility.
Fun fact: Did you guys know that homework backwards is krowemoh? Which doesn't make that much sense at first but have you guys seen that meme where it says it translates to "child abuse". Now it might seem like bullshit at first, but nah. Latin, belonging to the Italic branch of the Indo-European languages. And it also contributed a very whole lot to the English language. Now you might be asking "Where can I find that? I don't see any of it." And you can't be any more wrong. The word fama in Latin correlates to the word "rumour". And multiple affixes can be found in the language such as ambi-, pseudo-, dict-, duc-, -ject, -gress, pend-, -vert. This brings us to the main point. How does krowemoh translate to child abuse? You see, abuse generally translates to the word "abutor" or "probum". But regionally, it can differ. One of the four regiones, sing regio, that were attributed to the sixth king of Rome, Servius Tulleon had a different term for the word abuse. Which was krowe. Like the terms were divided by age, and the older ones got called more as "obloquor" and the young adults as "probrum". There originally wasn't one for children, but the all time high rise of child slavery and accounts of children getting abused discreetly made the proconsul get it a term which was krowe. How did we get the moh? Well it's a long forgotten fact that moh is an affix that meant "misused" which correlates to abuse. That my friends is how homework basically just means child abuse in Latin.
by Forrest man March 2, 2021
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ok so there was a rumor that it meant child abuse in latin but that just isn't true. I've literally been learning it for 3 yrs -_-
Person 1: bro did u know that krowemoh in latin is 'child abuse'
Person 2: lmao no its not
by rt7gytcfdrftvyi.hfldt April 12, 2022
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