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a pseudonym used to claim an anti-theoretical subject position.
rad man: I read this quote the other day about counter-existence hauntologies and the cybergenitic narrative rhetorics of identity politics. It's a groundbreaking study of meta-physical communication modalities and uber-phantasy.

psycho guy: Man I bet it's 'krista'. What was the quote?

rad man: "When considering the ontological abyss of deontological ethics and engendered neutralities of post-a theoretical paradigms (existential angst). One must ask themselves about the dilemma of form. This atypical rubric of intransigence, converts the binary opposition of the category into that of the imperative. Once established as this, we see the post-oedipal subjectivity emerging from the cultural imaginary and into the creation of an identity. This self-reflexive process re-invents, reductively, the marginalised a historical anachronism to a more present relation to tacit space. A singular instance reinforces a retrograde shift between the object and the ideological movement between self and other. Traversing the systemised nexus of the id’s encounter with the ego and through the complex process of cathexis a re-inscription occurs within the discursively constituted social identification of the ‘I’, thus creating the concept of self. This self fractures and escapes the confines of linguistic definition. So when we examine the text, the rhetorical composition is the clearest indication of this post-oedipal subjectivities emergence. An alienated anachronism wrested from time and place, this entity exists in and for itself, radical alterity of epistemological modernity. The post-modern equivalent of Descartes’ cogito (albeit liberated from the positioning of the self and other binary oppositions proposed in classical thought). This shift brings about the reformation of pre-modern thought and a genealogical revolution in our understandings of selfhood. We now see a positioning of the subject inside and outside, alongside and beside dominant structures of post-colonial, new historical and contemporary debates. These contemporary discussions are the vanguard of post-structuralist, post-existential ennui. The conflation of objective reality with experiential ontology brings about the neo-phantasies constructivism. So you see this evolution of thought, biologically determined in the psychological imaginary moves us toward a transcendentalist relation to the epistemic and a post-phenomenological understanding of subjectivity"

psycho guy: Man that was TOTALLY 'krista'!
by oh really? April 25, 2008
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