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Late postmodernism.

Post-postmodernism. Alternatively referred to as post-structuralism.
The ontology of the word 'constructivism' indicates that not only is postmodernism not the same phenology as Marxism; but post-structuralism is post-postmodernism in contrast to postmodernism.

Postmodernism has two periods of development: "hard" led by Frege, Kant, and the German arithmeticians and soft led by the Benjamin, Adorno and the cultural capitalists of the Frankfurt school.

Constructivism or post-postmodernism is best attributed to the post-realists Foucalt, Baudrillard, and Lacan in contrast to the surrealists (postmodernists) that came before them.

"Constructivism" was coined by Jean Piaget.
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by tomorrowtomorrow January 07, 2019
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