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a informal acceptance of a large bubbly cum shot to the face, and also the expression of gratitude and joy upon reception of said shot to the face
After a rigorous game of hide the salami Tina was treated to a juicy krass!
by Jack in the Boxes June 26, 2009
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german slang for wicked, cool, tough,
G: Mia crashed her car into a pole and sucked off the police officer so he wouldn't charge her today.
B: WHAATT, that's krass yo!
by Saba-tage April 05, 2005
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Krass is a person who is very skilled in something. The words origin goes back to a talented Counter-Strike player who lives in Germany and uses several fake nicknames on LANs, while he hides in the darkest corner of the room, so that no one recognizes his presence. Some people also use his real first name "Jannik" as a synonym for krass.
Girl: Who are you ?

Boy: I am krass !

Girl : I did not ask what you are. I asked who you are !
Boy: Yes, as I already mentionend, I am krass.
by Drook June 15, 2009
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