A large cornfield, based off the kamikaze word pornfield, and pronounced kornpoes (corn poossss)
Let’s go on a trip on our gay ass rocket ship flying through the kornfeld , like a chode sandwich
by Dr. John Albacore April 23, 2018
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a special breed of mermaid that has the same horn on her forhead as a unicorn or narwhal.
"that Kornfeld had the hottest horn. I bet she waxes it."
by meganabra June 11, 2009
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One of the Try Guys at BuzzFeed. Kind and feminist. Adorable as hell. Usually gives the moral of the story at the end of their videos. Should have embroidered "clitoris" on the back of his jean jacket.
by paranorma June 30, 2017
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Tiny nerd with glasses

Also known for his Benjamin button-esq youthful looks.
Person 1: Wait which one of the try guys is Zach Kornfeld?
person 2: Oh he's the tiny nerd with glasses
by The Eternal Mess June 30, 2017
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The singles of the try guys, which just doesn't make sense. An extremely handsome, hilarious, and down to earth guy. Definitely the kind of guy you'd wine And done. Overall one of the most beautiful creatures walking the earth that we've been blessed with.
Person one: hey, do you see that really attractive guy over there with that beautiful chest hair?

Person two: oh my god! That's Zach Kornfeld!
by Tryceratops1 June 30, 2017
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Single Af, He's a really sweet guy, knows how to make people laugh, He's really sweet, one of the try guys
Random person: Who's that guys from buzzfeed with the cute glasses?
Random person #2: That's Zach Kornfeld!
by Tryceratops.for.life June 30, 2017
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Zach Kornfeld is known as the adurable one in the Try Guys. With his good-looks, and his charming personality it's hard to figure out why he's single AF. I mean, who wouldn't want to date this nerd? He's also known as the "clit guy" which is the best meme you could possibly become. Whether it's giving hot guys a ride, or stripping with a lightsaber, you'll always find him doing something unexpected in the best way.
Zach Kornfeld can't stand his name being misspelled.

(I.E. Zack Kornfeild)
by my_name_is_awky July 29, 2017
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