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Kordell is usually really sweet but at the same time can be a huge asshole. very sexy and muscular, really hairy. hes sarcastic alot and makes you feel really dumb and can blame things on you when they dont go his way. hes usually really outgoing, loud and never shy and he knows how to have fun. hes really negative, and gets bored really easily. hes very hard to understand in relationships. hes not afraid to speak his mind even if he comes off as a dick. but over all, Kordell is a one of a kind guy and is an ideal boyfriend.
is that a bigfoot?!?!" "no, thats just Kordell!
by sand paper sally May 28, 2011
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Kordell is a loving person but still a street nigga at the same time he loves to smoke all day he’s faithful to girls and has a big dick and is a really freaky guy
Person one~ Kordell beat my pussy up last ight
by Amber the bad ass July 06, 2018
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A chill nigga just don't mess with him because he's as tough as a rock when he needs to be. He has a love for recreational fights and fine arts and cares dearly for those close to him. He seeks to make life better for others. He's a genuinely happy guy with a loving smile.
by Prince Omega October 26, 2018
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the sweetest guy that you could ever meet. he’s very athletic and he’s very cute. you will quickly start to like him and once you start liking him it will be hard to stop. he has good grades and comes from a good family. it’s easy for every girl to fall in love with him, you’re just lucky if he loves you back.
person 1- “do you see that kid over there? he’s really cute.”

person 2- “that’s kordell and he’s very cute
by I CANT THINK March 30, 2019
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A person with nothing to look forward to, other then memes he gets to wake up to where he is being roasted.
Damn that meme is messed up... Must be referencing Kordell
by Normisfab December 20, 2016
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