a term of endearment, one who is a dweeb or geek of some sort, awkward
Aww, look at Jennifer with her boyfriend, she's such a knub!
by dVVe3b February 15, 2011
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someone who lacks having a full appendage but acts completely normally.
Check out that knub, you would think he talks like a handicapped person, but really he speaks just like George Bush...oh wait...damn.
by Lindsay and April April 09, 2006
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the act of contacting someone's knuckles with yours in a nonchalant salutation
like you knub knuckles after a hand shake with your friends
by ingrid August 10, 2004
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One who is being moronic and foolish and they know that their wrong but they choose to defend and justify them selves and continue to be knu-b's.

It can also be used as a word to explain someones Inexperienceness.

Also another word for "newbie". Simular to "noob" or "noobie"
Ted: Hey bill, remember that guy who was being alittle dipshit last night?

Bill: Yeah! That guy was a knu-b.


Ted: Hey bill, Did you see that new guy in the club last night?

Bill: Yeah, he was a knu-b to the whole club scene. He was cool though.
by You Dont Wanna Know March 17, 2005
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Knub v.: To use unconventional methods to break into another parties residence. Methods are apart from the conventional techniques such as, picking the lock, smashing the door knob, credit card pry, etc. It is usually used for causing mischief, burglary, breaking and entering, and other clandestine activities*. ~'em: To suggest the use of unconventional methods to unlock the door (*). ~ing: In the process of using unconventional methods to unlock the door of another party (*). ~ed: To have used unconventional methods (*) to unlock the door of another party.

1. -How do we get in? I don't know how to pick a lock or any of that stuff.
-Talk to Michael, he knows how to knub.

2. Grab some cardstock, rope, and a power cord and lets knub'em.

3. Shhh! We don't them to know we're knubbing them tonight!

4. -Dude, how did you get in?
-We knubed them.

by Welrod1 February 22, 2009
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