Properly, the bell-end or helmet. The purple piece exposed above Kojak's turtle-neck. Used to convey displeasure at any offending person.
Beckham, you cunting useless knob-end.
by titwanker April 10, 2003
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Preston 'Knob End' FC. Championship football team who have England Star David NUGENT playing for them!
KNOB END are playing Burnley tonight!
by Deanooooooooooo March 22, 2007
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A person exhibiting retrogressive, non-constructive, contrarian or un-reconstructed behaviour.
by BillyNoJustNo August 15, 2018
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The "knob end" is the crust of a pasty that you hold to eat it.Sometimes discarded down the Cornish mines for the "knockers" (goblins) to eat.
by LordSmithers September 8, 2021
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