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An Emo woman, who doesn't think that she is Emo. They refuse to become part of the class (even though they fit all of the requirements) and claim that they dressed and loved soft punk before it was mainstream. Also, brown canvas shoes and band tattoos are a must.
Kmo refuses to believe she's Emo.
by _AR_ September 08, 2006
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Someone who is possessed by clout chasing. The original human is now gone and a demonic entity that feeds on clout is all that is left. An empty shell with no control of their actions, forced to blindly react to situations they think will bring them attention.
Soundcloud Rapper: Check out this link, realist in the game!
Social media feminist: Women have a voice!!!! #Brave
by DebSlave June 03, 2018
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Keep moving! This term is usually followed by an explitive.
by Jimi 9 September 30, 2003
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KMO: akronym for "Kall Meg Opp", blir ofte brukt steder som Sverige og Los Angeles istedet for det mer kjente akronymet HMU "Hit Me Up"
Det regnes som en kulere og mer hipp version av HMU.
Jonny: "Eyy bro jeg trenger å snakke med noen ASAP"
Bobby: "KMO bro, kan snakke med deg"
by Sir. James November 18, 2019
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