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Klio is an amazing person inside and outside. She's extremely selfless and always puts people in front of her. She'll help anyone in need and doesnt hesitate when it comes to giving advice or just being a loving person. She's also one of the most gorgeous girls you'll ever meet, partially because her personnality shines wherever she goes. Shes absolutely amazing in every way and you can't find a sweeter, more incredible person.
See that amazing girl over there? Yeah she's suuuch a klio.
by Doctashm October 31, 2010
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Adaptation of coolio which originates from cool. Used in general sentence as short for coolio so coolio combined with kl gives us klio. This word was invented by David Muggleton 2008.
"where did u go last night?"
"to a rave"
"klio" or "that is so klio"
by David Muggleton February 20, 2009
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klio is a combination of kl (cool) and coolio/koolio (cool). take "kl" and add "io" to it and you get a shortend version of coolio/koolio
a conversation on msn;

A: hey check out this new definition
B: klio
A: i know
by doo_dey_21 December 29, 2008
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