Krauts. A German family name, loved by everyone, they are witty and hilarious, cunning and shrewd, good-looking and unresistable
Jesse Kleine
by #1hunters December 31, 2011
An all round nice guy. German for small, not a common name. People called this usually are best in sports and smart along with it. Beats anyone called patrick or Louis. Is mega hot, is basically god like. Also a common jewish surname but has nothing to do with people who have it as a first name. :D
Holy shit is that Klein!
Damm Klein, hes so good a everything.
LEts get that bastard, oh wait its Klein!
by pepito23435 August 21, 2012
Klein Klein Klein klein
Klein Klein Klein Klein
by Lil Bogues April 15, 2021
Photoshopping pictures of Max Klein into debate-related Facebook pictures. Or non-debate-related pictures. Really anything so long as Max is in it.
"Wow, looks like another Kleining in Joyce's profile picture"
by asdfjkl9876 November 19, 2014
German for the word 'small.'
You have a klein brain.
by Kleinhansco February 13, 2010
1. Norwegian for hangover.

2. Norwegian for embarrassed, usually used when somebody have hooked up and are embarrassed upon meeting that person.
1. - Hvordan er formen? (How are you)
- Har vondt i hodet, er så sykt klein fra igår ! (I'm having an headache, I'm so hangover from yesterday)

2. - Møtte du henne igår? (Did you meet her yesterday)
- Ja, det var så sykt kleint! (Yeah, it was so embarrassing!)
by Shi Xue February 13, 2011