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To take a set of keys and place one key between each finger and slash someone soundly about the face. The object is to leaves scars and abrasions that look like they were clawed by an animal.
Guy1: Dude did you get attacked by a cat or something?
Guy2: Man I was at the club last night, I stepped on some guys shoes and he Klawed me.
by Ohahearmethough April 17, 2006
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When a girl brings nothing to the table, and is constantly talked behind her friend's backs. Comes across as insincere and fake. Likely going to end up alone.
Pierre: "Did you see that midget?"
Theo: "No, but I was just talking to some geisha. She gave me the stank eye, and pushed that shorty to the floor."
Pierre: "Wow, looks like that beezy got KLawed".
by **DanAu4Lyfe** July 28, 2009
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