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The most beautiful girl in the entire world, Best girlfriend you'll ever have. Gorgeous eyes, sexy lips and amazing body; Fantastic personality, you'll never get bored with Klarissa.
John: man that girl is gorgeous in every aspect.
Chris: Duh! she's a Klarissa.
by wessuhleee July 30, 2011
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That crazy bitch who laughs at all the gory parts of scary movies. Like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beguining, Saw, etc...
That crazy bitch Klarissa is going to laugh her ass off tonight!!
by Ally Bubba January 11, 2008
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Basically someone who complains about everything and likes to dance. This person likes sports and usually gets mad real quick. But the thing that really stands out about this person is that she laughs like a crazy person during gory parts in movies
That nigga is such a Klarissa
by Lightning Mqueef February 15, 2017
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She's the bitch you all hate. Usually gets a fucked up hair cut, and ends up looking like a fugly hoe. She thinks she's cute and sexy, but ends up acting and looking like a stomped on hot dog. All her "friends" hate her, and she always tells your secrets. Never trust a Klarissa, unless its spelled with a C. She's clingy, and will use you.

Klarissa's ruin your relationships, and have the ass and body of a stoned lump of towels.

They have poor fashion choices, such as glasses that magnify their eyes so much, they look like a fly.
Laura: Omg, did you see Klarissa at lunch?!

Sarah: Yeah! She was trying to twerk on Xavier, and her jacket was WAY too small. I don't want to be rude, but she's kinda fat...

Laura: Yeah-

McKenzie: Hey! You guys talking bout Bitch-issa? I hate her too!
by TigerPrint February 10, 2018
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