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A girl with a charm and lots of charisma. They usually are very friendly, funny and people are drawn to them.
Wow that girl really is a Klara
by DawggyK April 24, 2009
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Is one of the Sexyiest lady's
Has a boyfriend named starts with an H or J

A swimmer in most cases
Love able
Klara is the hottest bitch in the clud
by YogaPants June 16, 2016
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She is the best friend one can have. She is funny,goofy but absolutely gorgeous and beautiful. She is so so stunning! She is smart, caring and only wants the best for you! She listens and she will give the best advice! She is incredibly talented, she can do everything and she is just the most amazing person you would ever meet! Don't miss out on klara because she is awesomeness in person
who was that? she is so talented?
that's klara, duh
by pau.d February 06, 2018
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Usually used for describing a person who is quite smart, yet very awkward in their own way. It is Hard to earn their trust as well as be friends with and even when friends a Klara tends to act poorly in their friendships giving reason for people to doubt them.
That was such a Klara move.
Don’t be a Klara.
by Wizzie.oz October 26, 2017
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Klara is a very likable person till you get to know her and start to spend Rumour about you and very close friend
Did you hear what klara said about Molly
by Smelly socks July 19, 2018
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