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Kjersti is a young Norwegian girl who is smart, funny and creative. She knows how to have a good time, but still isn't a drama queen and never tries to steel all the attention. Even though Kjersti may be a shy girl, she really blooms once you get to know her better. Kjersti is such a sweetheart and cares for everyone around her, she always makes everyone feel like they are beeing noticed.
- How are you?
- I'm fine, and you?
- Not so good.
- Want to talk about it over some ice cream perhaps?
- Sure, Kjersti!
by LolKutty9234 June 03, 2013
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Kjersti is a sweet, smart and innocent girl. With her cute smile and good sense of humor, just about everyone wants to be her bestfriend. Kjersti is also an innovative and fun girl who always gets the party started.
- I'm hanging out with Kjersti today!!
- Your going to have the time of you life!
by GossipGirl237 June 03, 2013
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Cute american girl. Someone who is intelligent, witty, and classy. Gives the best hugs you can imagine...
I wish that Kjersti was here with me...
by Christian September 24, 2004
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kjersti is a girl who is very rude , doesnt care about anyone but herself , she trys to make herself good. shes annoying. shes a boyfriend stealer . goes after all her bestfriends boyfriends . lies about everything to get herself out of trouble. She lies to her parents about dating , kissing , ect . thinks shes all that when really everyone thinks she a whore , bizzy , ect. she stabs her best friend in the back over a guy . kjersti uses you nd isnt who you think she is . does everything to get a guy .
omg its kjersti the backstabbing fatt chickenn !! watch out hide your boyfriends or she'll steal them then stab you in the back nd if your her so call best friend its fake .
by a nobody anymore July 07, 2011
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