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Kiwi Farms, a website that is ran by edgy 13 year olds who think it is so hip and cool to dox people. Most of the people on the website have an I.Q. lower than 80. They also think that someone is autistic for making a thread on there, even though there are some pretty smart autistic people out there, some of which are probably smarter than most of the people on Kiwi Farms. The staff is no better either, they'll insult you too.
Josh: Hey, dude, what do you think of Kiwi Farms?

John: I think it is a website ran by a bunch of edgy 13 year old kids who have nothing better to do than to dox somebody.
by Errorizer January 19, 2018
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A website full of cynics who yearn for the approval of those around them, and anonymously harrass people online for not conforming to their community's beliefs, which they themselves have religiously adopted.
Boy ol' gosh golly, I sure do love going onto Kiwi Farms and laughing at autists and liberals!
by Tulacot July 22, 2018
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