On October 23 you can kiss your crush grab your crush a boy or a girl and give they a big kiss on the face because today is Kiss your crush Day so today is the only day you can do it!
Susie: Hey Timmy

Timmy: Hey Susie
Susie: can I have a kiss?
Timmy: why?
Susie: it’s National kiss your crush day!
by Vscogirrrrl October 22, 2019
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Lucy Hi Jimmy
Jimmy Hey Lucy

Lucy Can I kiss you?

Jimmy Why?
Lucy Because it’s kiss your crush day!
by Calitiana October 26, 2019
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Get freaky and kiss your bf/gf/crush on October 21🤭
Today Is “Kiss your crush day” so I’m going to get freakyyyy.
by Freaky People mmm October 20, 2019
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Between 7th and 10th May, find the courage to make a move on your crush and kiss him/her. What are you waiting for??
by freeeaaaakkyyyy123 May 05, 2018
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