The most thicc league of legend's master. And when you come in contact with this beast of a man his power can only send you back to your league of legend's days.
Most call this man kishpie because of his looks
There are two kids on his 1st class of the day want to kidnap his wife and children so this thiccc guy can be to themself
Mr Kish is so handsome I can't even think of how he is in bed.
by 👍 👎 May 7, 2019
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the state in which you've packed a bowl of a marijuana in a pipe or other smoking device, smoked the marijuana and just have ash in the bowl
Dude, pass the bowl!

Nah dude, there's not another hit, its kish kash.
by John Francis Tidbits February 10, 2010
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1. Partner-in-crime to Dominic Fera. He is the actor who played Andy in the "billygoat" series.

2. A cool guy who stands in the shadows while his friend gets the spotlight.
If you scramble Tim Kish you get "K, I'm Shit"
by Seph Infinitum February 16, 2009
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Order Ov Kish, sometimes shortened to O.O.K. is a movement, organization and a collective that harbors, develops and promotes Kish Kraft, street magic, spirituality through madness and Blind Idiot Art. Members of the O.O.K., or Kishites (sometimes Kishians, or Martyrs) have extensive underground background in Chaos Magic and occultism, but also in music, poetry, street art and unachorable insanity.
They are believed to be the new wave of spirituality to hit the earth under the Aeon ov Kish.
-Everything is going great with me, and my wife and kids, but I just feel so empty inside...there is no adventure anymore, everything turned into a routine...
-You should check out the Order Ov Kish... after reading some of their articles and poems I feel like I can do anything...very empowering
by blocksterlocc August 21, 2010
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when someone tries to rhyme with fish and fails
SOMEONE: What rhymes with fish?

SHORI: swish, dish, bish, kish, fish
by smhmyhorse August 5, 2021
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The term for when you are COMPLETELY surround by water but you are NOT WET.
Karla: When u have water on you, are wet, but when you are COMPLETELY surrounded by water, u are kish

Chris: I’m shook.. I never knew there was a term for being completely surrounded by water
by Khushi the boss bae November 29, 2017
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Alternative to cash. Like cash, the term is used to describe anything that one might find especially favorable or pleasing.
How is the kish at your new job?
Well, that is a kish definition!
by quabgiv March 28, 2018
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