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The perfect girl. Is a bit sassy on occasion, but easy to talk to. She will tell you how it is. She is absolutely gorgeous.
Wow that girl is a Kirstin.
by Big brett. March 19, 2009
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Kirstin is an amazing friend . She's sweet , loyal , loving , trustworthy , caring , smart , nice , funny and very pretty on the inside and out .

If you are friends with a Kirstin .. be sure to stay friends with her or you will regret it.

Family and Friends are always first for Kirstin.
Shes a good person but when she wants to be she can be a badass ! (In a good way)
Kirstin is very unique and quite amazing , Be sure to never let go of a Kirstin ! She is very undramatic !
Girl 1 - Hey do you know Kirstin ?
Girl 2 - Yes ! Shes soo amazing !
Boy 1 - I would do anything to be with her.
Girl 1 - Yea ! I would love to have her life.
by l-johnston July 26, 2011
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the most beautiful wonderful girl in the world . she lights up the room with her presence . she makes me the happiest girl in the world & one day I will be happy enough to call her my wife . she is my everything . I will never find anything so perfect & so precious . I would have been stupid to pass such a wonderful opportunity up . 3.28.14
Kirstin is beautiful
by nikkie_lovesyou May 29, 2014
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a beautiful girl, who will always love you no matter what. she is awesome and you would be lucky to have a kirstin. keep her in your life forever and ever!
I saw a girl today, she was beautiful.
It was a Kirstin then
by bubby_love February 04, 2010
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1. Gets nervous around amazing guys
2. Doesnt allow people to drop you off at your home
3. Buys both tickets for the date
4. Has a really great smile
5. Laughs when someone takes the joke too far.
I went to the city with a kirstin and i got ripped by my mates for taking the joke to far, but she always laughed when i did. I went on a date with the same kirstin and she got nervous, then bought my ticket for me....embarressing, then made me drop her off at the shops cuz she didnt want her father to see this gimp of a guy.
by to.far April 28, 2011
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formally known as disco stick.

A Kirstin is someone whose name is not Kristen even though everyone calls her that.

Kirstin has a cool best friend who loves to tell stories about her funny dad...and repeat them 74 times.

P.S. J?
Damn! I wanna take a ride on your disco stick!(aka kirstin)
by discosticklover February 21, 2009
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