Hot, Loves spending time with friends, Smart, Emotional, Usually the victim, Funny, Great curves, tall.
Dude : Yo check out Kirsten, she's perfect!
by KattBugg August 05, 2017
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Some crazy bitch that is a great friend and loves to stick up for her friends by kicking the shit outta fat blonde bitches and biting then and "giving them hep C" when in all reality the whore already had it from her old druggie boyfriends. Kirsten is beautiful inside and out and has the best personality. She is a great person and anyone who meets her is the luckiest son of a bitch ever. She also has a thing for short chubby half japanese half mexican girls.
"Did you see kirsten kick that fat bitches ass?"

"Hi my name is kirsten and i love mexicans"
by pacotacoasianchick February 04, 2010
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Kirstens tend to be kept to themselves, but usually are very social. They tend to take an interest into alternative music. They are slow to anger. Their humor tends to be dark humor and sarcastic humor. They are overall a great person and love the spotlight. They love the attention that they recieve. They always have big, bright eyes and nice curves. They love animals and would go out of their way to help anyone in need. They also typically have depression or some sort of anxiety disorder, but that's okay. Despite their flaws, anyone would want to switch bodies with a Kirsten! They are such great people!
Did you see the curves on that chick? She has to be a Kirsten!

Kirsten fits my sense of humor just right.
by Flerpaherp October 24, 2017
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Kirsten is a beautiful and outstanding girl. She is always honest and keeps her secrets. Kirsten is sometimes know as the mean girl or the nice girl. Kirsten will always be there for you in your times of need she is always a great listener and will help and give u ideas on what to do in a problem. Kirsten can be your worst nightmare when you get on her nerves she will will knock you out in one punch. Kirsten has curves to die for but will denies it in an instant. Kirsten can sometimes be sporty but will only run for food or something that she wants. Kirstens favorite food is pizza McDonald's she will also eat healthy with no problems
Wow I just saw kirsten
by Fugglyslut January 25, 2018
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A very, very sweet and hot girl. She knows how to put a smile on someone's face whenever they're down. Overall a nice, funny, and cute girl.
Guy 1: who's that girl over there?
Guy 2: That's Kirsten
by Wadddeeehhh January 01, 2018
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A person who has natural beauty, but kinda smells. She's a freak at first, but once you get to know her you will love her. The best friend a person can have!
Steve: You know Kirsten?
Bob: Yes, she kinda smells like tacos.
Steve: I like tacos, I think she smells nice.
Bob: You're a freak.
by JessicaLikesCheese March 09, 2013
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a stranger whom you dont know, but feel the need to shag
Has skin as soft as a babys butt, smells better than a stale fart on an airplane, looks like sex on the beach under the moon, howling like an aeoroplane on drugs.

eating rabbits
spreading her butter
sunflower seeds
making babies
making love
making cake
eating cake
eating concrete
eating pea cocks
eating peacoats
eating peas
eating pee
eating mexicans
racial discrimination
eating batmans
eating spiderman
eating superman
eating vagina
eating grass
eating flowers
drinking pee
drinking beverages
drinking pee
drinking food
making jello
eating jello
making jello jiggle
eating jiggly jello
swimming in jello
bathing in jello
making farts
smelling farts
tasting farts
swallowing farts
drinking pee
eating hair
eating myles
smelling myles
licking myles
making babies on the beach
making babies
making babies with coconuts
making babies
making babies
making babies with nuts
making babies
making babies with herself.
making babies

AS-ohh. girl look at that boday
Kirsten-I WORK OUT.
AS-lets shag it out.
by shagadelicinmyjelloshots October 14, 2011
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