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A awesome, hilarious to look at, beautiful, crazy person who in her natural habitate should be around a volcano looking at the ashes. She has a natural friendship with the Chelsea's. Normally comes with brown hair and hazel eyes. She isn't very proud about her apperance. She plays weird instruments. Is ALWAYS happy. Never can make ANYBODY mad at her (exept her family) and is the reason her friends get up in the morning sometimes.
Person: Woah whos THAT! She belongs on the bottom of a volcano...
Other person: I know right! She is SO a Kirrily!
by Muppets lover August 12, 2011
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Kirrily is a whimsical fantasy creature designed to bring light and wonder to all who meet her.
I saw a Kirrily and I now know the meaning of life
by neeket February 03, 2010
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A drunk girl normally found in a field with a empty bottle of rum in each hand. Usually found with a friend named Jasmine in the same situation.
"there is an empty bottle of rum on the street, Kirrily was here"
by suejane987 December 12, 2015
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