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• If you are her friend she is the best person ever, always very nice and caring, funny and generous, but if you have ever been mean to her, or said something MEAN behind her BACK, she might not like you/care for you. Very sweet once you get to know her, she can sometimes be very awkward around people she doesn’t like/ or really likes. A bit shy, too.
Kirra is very nice
by Heygirlhey_karina June 06, 2018
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Kirra has the look that will make u die for she is so beautiful but Insecure Inside she has the most wild attitude and is the cutest of them all, she is the friend you are looking for go get yourself a Kirra because you will not regret it if you have a friend like her make her feel special and don’t be mean to her.

Kirra may have depression or other things she is keeping inside but she keeps smiling , she makes you feel great even when you are down. She is outgoing and not scared to get in trouble.
Kirra is so pretty
by Kakshhsushshjduai June 08, 2018
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most amazing girl ever makes u smile when u see her.
can make a bad day good.

bruno mars just the way you are is written about her.
he rekons his girl firends a kirra
by alfcrisisfc September 11, 2010
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1) A brand of Surfboards. Kirra also sells just about anything that has to do with surfing.

2) A very Hott surfer girl
1) Kirra surfwear is a must for the summer.

2) That kirra girl is out there carving the waves better than most of those boys.
by Kirra i am June 20, 2005
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she is beautiful and has a great personality usually has brown or green eyes. she has a big butt and a broad chest a.k.a big boobs and can get any boy without even being popular.
i just saw kirra at the mall.
by dat _girl_ June 16, 2016
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Matches very well with a flynn, both amazing people.
Every Kirra should be with a flynn
by My name is billy 02 April 23, 2017
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Kirra is a beautiful young girl who has the most amazing personality. She is a caring girl with a big heart ♥️ If you have a friend with the name Kirra, you are one lucky person 😻
Kirra is the best name ever 💘 when Kirra laughs, it makes you smile 👄 she can be stubborn and she can be crazy 😝 but except who she is and love her to bits xxx
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