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While they believe their best qualities to be strength, humour and attractiveness they are often mistaken and primarily described by others as self centred or 'up himself' this rare breed of young Male has a tendency to exceed his alcohol tolerance prematurely often ending in disaster well before midnight.

They unknowingly repel women by their obscene dance moves and verbal diarrhoea (and the occasional physical vomit) when in the presence of females.

These individuals are often fascinated by 'Bananas' and are never seen alone. Preferring to travel in packs or as a duo (see Wizniak).
'Hey man, Have you seen Kirkules?'
'Yea dude, he passed out after vomiting on Kao!'
'But its only 10pm!'
by Banana_George March 25, 2014
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A. A man who is not right in his mind, B. one whose humor might startle others by the bizarre crazy shit that he says, C. A man who has a infatuation with firing people, and strippers, D. One who keeps butthole jewelry in his toolbox
That fucking kirkules fired me for asking about about his butt diamond what an asshole
by Supertankie May 26, 2018
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