The name Kirit originates from India, and means "shining like the sun". A guy with great humour and looks. When you are in the rough, Kirit will always be there for you, and pick you up as his charming smile can light up anyones day. Kirit is mature for his age, and has a plethora of friends to carry him too. He has a great taste in girls, namely the ones which aren't too rebellious - but have a little attitude too. An overall great and friendly guy.
Girl 1: Do remember Kirit?
Girl 2: Yeah, what about him?
Girl 1: I think he's cute.
Girl 2: Me too!
by HoesGonnaHoe December 27, 2018
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Kirit is a smart loven guy who is hot,sexy and likes to be a beast in the bed. Kirit is a guy who likes to pick girls his type. He likes people that dont get angry and and calm. Kirit will make funny dirty jokes about you. Kirit is a guy that will like to be with you all the time. If he gets angry all you have to do is tickle is belly. Kirit loves playing games like fortnite so if you buy him a ps4 he might give you a kiss.
girl one: kirit is hot
girl two; will he marry me
Kirit ; yes
by marshmello is lit January 30, 2019
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