1)A mix between a cat and a bird!

2)a disgusting smell
"it smells like Kird"
by Jobo17 August 27, 2007
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kirding (KIRD-ing): the act of pissing, shitting, cumming, sneezing, throwing up, bleeding out of every orifice, profusely sweating, and uncontrollably crying all at the same time, usually during acts of sexual nature or to fulfill certain sexual desires
Dude, her blowjob had me kirding all over the place within minutes.
by slutfordraco42069 November 6, 2020
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(Noun) God. The almighty creator of all. Every other religion is wrong and Kird Apeism is correct. Kird Ape originally created the universe but God just got him drunk and bashed his head with a sledge hammer and took all the credit. Kird Ape can do anything ever. He can create a boulder so heavy that not even he could lift it, but then he would lift it. He could heat a borrito so hot that not even he could eat it, but then he would eat it. He can do ANYTHING. Can also be talked about when you can't think of anything to say like "I'm gonna go eat some Kird Ape" As long as you are not saying something bad or mean about him, it's okay.

(Verb) Doing something really good or cool, or just doing something that you don't know what you are doing.

(Adjective) Something that is incredibly cool or awesome and could quite possibly be the coolest thing ever next to Kird Ape himself, yes something that cool.
(Noun) Ka Ka Ka Ka Kird Ape is the guy who will kill you.

(Verb) I'm gonna go Kird Ape.

(Adjective) That was really Kird Ape! Oh my god was that Kird Ape!
by Nick Wier May 25, 2004
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