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Roleplaying/Acting as, if not believing you actually are, a specific fictional character.
"I enjoy kinning in my spare time."

"You're a kinstagramer?"

"Yeah, I kin Zim."

"...Tiny green alien-"

"I am Zim in the flesh, don't mock my height, inferior human pig smelly!"
by KatyzScribz September 17, 2019
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Killing of a product which was intended to introduce a brand new, possibly revolutionary concept to the industry, specially after spending millions of dollars on R&D and promotion.

A reference to Microsoft's Kin phones released on Verizon in 2010, and killed off a few weeks later due to poor sales.
Samsung is Kinning their newly announced Galaxy Tab 10.1 after the Apple iPad 2 launch, in favor of a redesigned, slimmer model.
by UzEE April 02, 2011
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Kissing while grinning because you are so happy!

Also, could be grissing.
Sally and Bob were kinning after Bob had said "I love you" to Sally for the first time.
by rachaelrobot April 22, 2006
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