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to relate to a character on either a basis of personality, physical appearance, or trauma
lotta people use kinning as a coping mechanism but not all of them
by lenimdenim November 07, 2020
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the act of texting people while you are pooping
ex. (talking to a friend on fbook chat)

person 1: hey man whats going on tonight
person 2: i gotta go to the bathroom il poopt you


person 1: whatsup man what are you doing?
person 2: poopting you
by mr.poopter January 26, 2011
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Roleplaying/Acting as, if not believing you actually are, a specific fictional character.
"I enjoy kinning in my spare time."

"You're a kinstagramer?"

"Yeah, I kin Zim."

"...Tiny green alien-"

"I am Zim in the flesh, don't mock my height, inferior human pig smelly!"
by KatyzScribz September 17, 2019
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(read all for history of Otherkinity +)
Popularly spread + misinformed : “To be kin with something” instead of Kinning it. Otherkin is a subset Alterhuman. Defines a person who **Involuntarily Identify As a Nonhuman and/or Fictional entity**. Can be spelt Otherkind. The entity one is kin w = a Kintype. 'kins don't necessarily enjoy being their kintype + dont have to relate to the+, since Otherkinity is not a choice. Otherkin has been coined after Elvenkind: ppl needed a term for those who weren't elf kins but were 'kin. Coined (as "otherkind") on April 18, 1990 in Elfinkind Digest #16 and the variant "otherkin" on July 10, 1990.
~Alterhuman = a person who has a subjective identity which is beyond the scope of what is traditionally considered ‘being human’. The Yandere Bitch Club (on tumblr) began making claims abt 'kin and spreading the idea Kinning was a hobby / relating and such. It quickly escalated and. Pls do your research before defining terms. This is Otherkin, despite people not understanding it and wanting to change the term against a majority of actual Otherkins' will(if you only value a few selectively picked Fictionkins' opinion and not Plantkins' nor Therians', you just don't care for Otherkins' opinions)
~Alterhuman terms that are still underrated despite meaning what the wishkins want to mean when they say they kin : Otherhearted / Otherkith, Otherlink, having Synpaths / Synpathizer (definition from @stirdrawsandreblaws on tumblr)
A random actual 'Kin: I'm a wolfkin! I found out my otherkinity when I were 14 but it took me long to figure out what specie of animal I were and to narrow down the kind of wolf and such. Though there exist many other types of way people explain their Otherkinity, I personally am spiritual and believe the Wolf I'm kin with, which is called Glen, was my past life. I don't get memories in my case, but I do feel Supernumerary Phantom Limbs and sometimes feel my tail.

Wishkin: Yeah I'm actually a Copinglink /a Synpathizer/Fictionhearted but I say I kin things because it's popular to say that! I love kinning. (btw the person writing this is a copinglink and here to say no, copinglink isn't kin because our identity is Voluntarily chosen though don't make copinglinks look bad please).

Guys it's not too late to switch terms, you can 100% take your time about all this and reflect. Maybe search a bit about Otherkinity and the actual Alterhuman Community. You can recognize your past msitakes, nobody will every judge someone for using terms that fit your experiencr since 'kins dont want us to continue watering down their terms. Also, it may be hard to do the switch but really, it's worth it because you'll help your actual community grow a bit and be able to find people with similar experiences more easily if all terms were used correctly.
Thank you for reading SO MUCH, it's hard to explain it all shortly unfortunately.
by ## FUTURE March 07, 2021
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Killing of a product which was intended to introduce a brand new, possibly revolutionary concept to the industry, specially after spending millions of dollars on R&D and promotion.

A reference to Microsoft's Kin phones released on Verizon in 2010, and killed off a few weeks later due to poor sales.
Samsung is Kinning their newly announced Galaxy Tab 10.1 after the Apple iPad 2 launch, in favor of a redesigned, slimmer model.
by UzEE April 02, 2011
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Kissing while grinning because you are so happy!

Also, could be grissing.
Sally and Bob were kinning after Bob had said "I love you" to Sally for the first time.
by rachaelrobot April 22, 2006
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