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A school for rich, preppy bitches that don't do anything except buy prada bags to show off to each other and try to impress the rest of us with their wide vocabulary. The guys are known for their "hunting" skills and calling everything gay while the girls are known for being spoiled brats that get in bitch fights and think they are hot.
normal guy: Let's go to class.
Kinkaid guy: Shut up faggot. you don't even hunt, do you?

normal girl: Let's go to the movies.
Kinkaid girl: we all saw that fake Prada, Margeaux. Is Daddy cutting you off?
by EHSROCKS November 15, 2006
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A bunch of rich kids that think they are so cool and so smart because of how rich they are. 99% of the kids that go there are members at Houston Country Club.
Kid 1: hey dude lets go to the movies

Kid 2: shut up faggot, you don't even go to kinkaid
by Joe272 August 29, 2016
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1.) When u have a feeling that ur son is feeling kinky

2.) When your feeling was correct and you find out that your son was indeed feeling kinky
"I dunno man, it's kinda kinkaid but we'll see what the punishment it"
"The kinkaid was too strong for me to handle so I let my wife handle it"
by Geenuh July 11, 2017
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