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Lets face it the first 2 examples are ok but make Kingsville out to be a full blooded hick town.Not the case at all.While kingsville is known for country kids doing donuts and hopping curbs in our overly massive pick up trucks on the property of PerryHall High school,and just about any other person who throws a party and kicks everyone out before they wanted to leave,we have far more class then Bel-Air and Perry Hall who for some reason not even knowing what a hood looks like,are filled with Eminem clones running around in junky civics blaring Ganster Rap.Kingsville is not recognized nationally but you can ask any PerryHall kid about Kingsville,and they envy the town.But not just anyone can live in Kingsville.Most of the childrens parents own big companys and give us whatever we want which is the reason we throw the big partys and Bon Fires the PerryHall kids envy us for.Not to mention we never get caught by the Po-Po's.Just ask any PerryHall kid what there first inprection is of a K-Town kid is and they will say Rich Basterds.So in conclusion Kingsville is not all hillbillys on tractors wearing flannels throwing back Pabst Blue Ribbon.Thats what they want you to think.And most kids from Kingsville are fake hill billys.They drive a truck while there parents drive a beamer.But,we do school all in throwing back beers and smoking the ganja,cuz hey what the hell ealse is there to do out here.
Kid1-What ya wanna do tonight?
Kid2-I dunno theres never anything to do in this town.
Kid1-Tell me about it.We could go see whose up at Wendys in PH.
Kid2-Im not trying to get in a fight with some wanna be or get arrested for just standing out there like usuall.
Kid1-Well what you wanna do?
Kid2-Lets just throw a bon fire and get fucked up with the rest of the k-town kids.
by McGlicken May 03, 2005
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