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Nothing to do at all here. Much racism to anyone that doesn't have or look of Swedish decent. and every building here is Swedish themed.
Kingsburg is teh suck
by Vance Vesta February 16, 2008
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A lovely Swedish town located in California where can be served one of the most delicious Swedish pancakes ever when going to Dianne's with fresh Lingonberries and powdered sugar. To the left of the central park next to the high school can be found the unique Swedish architecture when going into the left fork. Here can be found a mixture of cute little convenient stores, Mexican and Chinese restaurants, a bank, and most importantly, the Swedish dining areas that serve pancakes, and knick-knack shops.

In the summer, the Swedish Festival is held during the hot hours, and many unique Swedish floats and groups come by and vendors for many cold refreshments as well as food such as succulent kettle corn. At this time, there also may be given the opportunity to buy from side shops that not only sell toys and food, but of course, Swedish stuff as well.

In the winter, the Yulgrand Festival is held during Christmas where a giant Christmas tree stands in the middle of the street, and people are led by a person who knows the Swedish language to lead them into traditional Swedish folk dancing where people may hold hands and follow in a circle for example. This celebration may not be as a bustle as for the summer, but the Jazz Choir from the high school gets to dress up as Dicken's Carolers, and sing for people across town with Christmas song and cheer as an extra bonus for the winters.
Hey man, I'm hungry! Wanna go down to Kingsburg and get some Swedish pancakes?

Thorbjorn, the Swedish Festival is in town. Do you want to come with me to Kingsburg?

I'm in the mood for some dancing! Let's go to the Yulgrand Festival in Kingsburg to get my Swedish dancing in!
by LordRandor October 21, 2011
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Swedish town in the center of the san joaquin valley between fresno and tulare. Only tweakers live here, or religious fanatics. Vikings is the mascot, they suck but for some reason friday night football games pass as entertainment, as there is NOTHING else to do in the town. Memorial Park is the known spot for stoners (have some good weed in ktown) Gangsters or at least wannabe gangsters roam around the streets from mariposa to kern and pull bullshit out of their asses to pass as meaningful gang loyalty. Kingsburg is known to have the BEST tweak in the whole valley and theres alot of rich people who spend their money on drugs, especially DOPE and WEED. They have their heads stuck up their ass, and there is NOTHING TO DO EXCEPT DRUGS IN THIS TOWN. Or be a church freak. The only cool people are the ones who have given up on trying to find something good aboiut this town, specifically Dejah and Cori. They are the fuckin best and dont forget it!
"wanna go to kingsburg?"
"What the fuck is kingsburg?"
"where the drugs are"
by Saucy W March 20, 2010
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