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A "King of Chaos" refers to a typical online gamer, who's opinion of their own skill level, is actually a lot higher than their actual skill level. The term "King of Chaos" is actually a sarcastic term, indicating that the player is sup-par, and actually not a "King of Causing Chaos."

It is very typical for a "King of Chaos" to get frustrated in the middle of the game, call everyone on the other team a "try-hard," and rage-quit. Causing the "King of Chaos's" team to be a man down and eventually lose.
Frank: "Hey Randy are you going to get your kill/death ratio positive this game?"

Randy: "These kids on the other team are such try-hards, and I'm sick of it!!!"

Frank: "C'mon Randy, don't be such a "King of Chaos!!!!!"

Randy: (Disconnect........)
by SeƱor Hodeez January 24, 2011
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