As a tribute to Masahiko Kimura's victory over Helio Gracie in 1955, the reverse ude-garami technique has since been commonly referred to as the Kimura lock, or simply the "Kimura", in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and, more recently, mixed martial arts circles.

A keylock (also known as a Kimura, bent armlock, figure-four armlock or ude-garami) involves holding the forearm and using it to twist the upper arm laterally or medially, similarly to turning a key in a keyhole. It is usually considered to be a shoulder lock since the primary pressure is often on the shoulder, but depending on how it is performed, significant pressure can also be applied to the elbow. It passes for a lock on the elbow in judo competitions, where only elbow locks are allowed. It can be applied from a multitude of positions, and it is the most common shoulder lock used as a submission hold in mixed martial arts competition. The keylock has several variations with their own names, for instance depending on in which direction the arm is rotated. The word "reverse" is sometimes added to signify medial rotation as in reverse keylock or reverse ude-garami, in which case the usage of just "keylock" indicates lateral rotation.

"Wherever you see grapplers competing, whether in Pride, the UFC, Abu Dhabi or the Jiu-jitsu Mundial, you see the Kimura lock used to submit opponents and win matches!"
by punktileus September 10, 2009
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A Japanese female wrestler who is popular for her signature pastel pink hair and how thicc she is.
Hana Kimura is adorbs.
by Tingle Likes Rupees October 26, 2019
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that hot rock butch icon from idolm@ster cinderella girls. literally one of the best anime women to exist (ps. dariinatsu is the best ship)
person 1: yooo have namco already released the new natsuki kimura ssr?
person 2: nah, they can't do anything right
Riina Tada: eh? did someone say natsukichi?!?!?!
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Seiko Kimura is a character featured in Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak Academy and a participant in the Final Killing Game. Seiko is a member of Future Foundation and is the leader of the 4th Division. Her responsibility is to aid in the development of new medicine and medical treatments.
Boy : “So Seiko makes medicine?”
Girl “Yes, Seiko Kimura is the ultimate pharmacist after all!”
by Shuichi Kirigiri May 25, 2021
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