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kilyn is often a underestimated person her ability’s go way beyond anything you can imagine. One day she WILL rule the world. As a beautiful, strong woman who typically struggles with things on the inside. She travels the world and finds inner peace through being alone. She tries to surround herself with great people but if there ever is a problem she seldom ever tells. But the truth ALWAYS gets to her. A majestic human with strength beyond imaginable.
Hey did you hear what those girls tried to do to kilyn? She took them down slow but brutally.
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A sexy mythical beast that attracts everything in the world with awesome guitar and battling skillz, with a "z". The almighty ray the third of the massey clan.
"I saw a Kilyn on the shores of lake erie."
by JJK February 11, 2005
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A girl who is really good at art and drawing. She usually has a cat named Rico and loves him very much. She is a caring and hilarious friend. SHE ALWAYS HAS YOUR BACK GURL OOF XD. PERIODTT
heck heck heck kilyn heck
by thanoswife April 10, 2019
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