1. to ask a dumb question that has already been answers several times prior. 2.user fails to read or search already existing threads related and answering their question. 3. asking a question which answers are obvious. 4. by answering the same question over and over, you are killing the time, happiness, and goodness in people.
Post 1: How do you build a trapper?
Post 2: *kills a puppy* Read the dam wiki.
Post 3: Here we go, killing puppies again.
by Nolia July 15, 2008
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This is the nickname that is given to the "Metal" music genre by those who appreciate real music instead of this false genre which can barely be referred to as "Music". It is given this name because the music itself is just as horrible as killing puppies.

People will often try to defend their so called "Music" in every possible way because they are too afraid to realise that it is not music, as their whole world of hating and suicidal behavior will have been wasted.
Emo: *Starts playing metal*
Normal Person 1: Dude what the hell is that noise?! My ears are bleeding!
Normal Person 2: Killing-Puppies-Music.
by JheeBz July 22, 2009
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To masturbate, said exclusively by females.

An offshoot from kill a kitten.
"He's very hot. I may kill a puppy or two tonight."
by A Farkette November 18, 2002
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used in threads, like on facebook or myspace, to show that someone has just asked a question which has been asked a million times before and to which the answer is obvious.
Greg: Hey, what's up with the whole puppy killing thing?

Jordan: *kills a puppy*
by ribbitt December 30, 2008
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take a piss, as in if you took a piss right now, the piss level on the floor would reach the height of a puppy's head, drowning it in piss
"Man, i gotta kill a puppy so bad!"
by theloneranger February 25, 2008
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