A phrase that is said to people that are being stupid. It's basically telling them "Hey, you should stop being a retard".
Jim: Do you want to know what my favorite TV show is?
Hayden: What?
Jim: I really like My Little Pony.
Hayden: Kill yourself, retard.
by Dipshit Danny April 05, 2018
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the sweet release of death. having everything you worked so little for come to a grinding halt.
the best time of your life and the day your dad has been waiting for since you were born.
kill yourself:
me:man... life sucks... my girlfriend dumped me... i failed at school... i can't get a job... i wish there was something i could do.
Rope: hey michael?
Rope: come "hang" out for a while ;)
me:OKAY ROPE!!!!!
Rope: i love holding you michael
me: ......coff....coff........
Rope: michael?
me: .........
by Jackson White April 05, 2016
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A term said to anyone with stupidity overload or to anyone who doesn't have any value in life.
Example 1.

Stupid guy: "Yo' SWAG!"
Smart man: "Kill yourself."

Example 2.

Stupid guy A: "Oh my Geez, Justin Bieber just launched a new album."
Stupid guy B: "WTF, that's gay, go listen Nickelback, dude!"
Stupid gal A: "Whatever you say, but Hannah Montana is the best."
Stupid gal B: "No, Miley Cyrus is."
Stupid gal C: "Naked Brothers Band!"
Stupid guy C: "Jonas Brothers is the best of course!"
Smart man: "Go kill yourselves."
by ThisIsTheReality March 06, 2014
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A person who has an opinion and wants to criticize someone who doesn't have the same opinion
An overall douche
I think that Hilary should of won, you don't? KILL YOURSELF
by OSHITDATHOI January 21, 2017
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Something people decide to do when they don't feel like living anymore...

Hanging, blowing brains out, dying by your own hands, ect.
by Stephanie Soquet April 02, 2005
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when you take your own life then you live no more
i'm gunna go and kill myself when i finish work cuz i've had a fucking nuff of the living in the world bag of shit it is (good bye)
by marie August 18, 2003
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