Is not something you should do. Well, just dont do it at all! If you're depressed or suicidal dont do it! Your life is the most valuable thing you could cherish! If you lose it, you lose all the amazing things you could do In life

Also, dont listen to the bimbo at the top. Hes just being a jerk. He doesnt have sympathy for suicidal people
Guy1: kill yourself

Guy2: *feels depressed and tries to slit his wrists*

Guy3 stops guy2 from slitting his wrists
Guy3: dont kys man! Your life is worth living
Guy 2: *puts knife down and hugs guy 3*

Moral of the story: dont killyouself. Seek help and love yourself
by Shrek-Tastic! February 26, 2019
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An expression of sincerest contempt for another individual, expressing your desire for them to end their own life.
Fucking kill yourself
by Cansor April 10, 2017
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something said by cowardly faggots who have no consideration for others feelings; probably feeling insecure inside themselves.
asshole : kill yourself
by happyhedgehogs February 19, 2016
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An insult that the young of 2014-forever will use, mostly when they hate you
Go kill your self you a**hole peace of ***t
by Tactical_DooDoo October 13, 2017
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''Never come back to the internet again'' in Internet language
normie: wow thats so rood >;( im going totally going to report 4chon now
random lurker: kill yourself
by gerururu April 01, 2016
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